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Hi, my name is Robert; I?m 25 years old I?m 6?4 240lbs with blue eyes, brown hair and a nice build and a very tan body. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have been married for eight years. My wife?s name is Amber she is 28 years old she is 5?6 125lbs she as brown eyes, brown hair and 38d breast a great body and tan. I am a truck driver and I work for a local soda pop company and I had been working there a month or so when I meet Bill Davenport. Bill is 23 years old and a really nice guy and we became friends right off. Bill and I started hanging out together we would go bowling and during work we would go out to lunch a lot. We talked about guy stuff most of the time but one day Bill told me that he was married to a girl named Amanda. I told Bill that we all should get together and go out sometime and he said ok. On Friday night we all went out to eat then we went bowling at first the girls didn?t want to go but after some /sweet/">sweet talk they said they would go.

While Bill and I bowled the girls got to know one another better but as I bowled I keep noticing Amanda looking at me and smiling at first I just thought she was being friendly. Then I thought to myself maybe she liked me but I just pushed that thought out of my head and keep bowling. Over the next couple of months the four of us /hung/">hung out a lot and each time Amanda was very friendly to me and indian santali xvideo at times it seemed she wanted to talk to me more than she did her own husband. One day I had finished my route and was turning in my paperwork and money from my route and when I went to the checkout window there was Amanda. She had been working for the company for just a few days and it was good to see a friendly face at the window for a change. Now Amanda is 22 years old she as blue eyes and brown hair she as a perfect body with 36c breasts and a smile that would raise the sun on a gloomy day. Amanda was counting my money when I told her that I hope we could all get together again real soon.

She stopped counting and looks up at me with a big smile and said she wished it could be just me and her getting together and go do something. I was in shock and I asked her why she would want to do that with me when you?re married to a great guy? Amanda then told me that when she first saw me and over the time we were all together she felt attracted to me then she said she was in love with me. I didn?t know what to say to her so I told her I needed some time to sort things out. Over the weekend I tried not to see her but it was hard since she was all I could think about and the way she looked at me when she said I love you. That night I made love to my wife and while I was eating her pussy I was wishing it was Amanda and as I /wife/wife-fucking/fucked-my-wife/">fucked my wife and heard her call me name I wished it was Amanda calling my name. When my wife and I were done having sex my wife knew something was wrong with me but she never said a word. On Monday I got done with my route early and went to turn my paperwork and money in hoping not to see her but when I got to the window there she was and all smiles. I sat down and started to hand her my paperwork and money when she grabbed my hand and told me she needed to see me alone for a few minutes.

Against my better judgment I agreed so after she was done counting my money she took her break. When she came out she grabbed my hand and led me to the warehouse. We went where no one could see us and as soon as she made sure no one was around she started kissing me. I pulled away and told her that I could not do this to my wife or Bill but she did not listen she grabbed me and started kissing me again then she grabbed my dick though my pants. I pushed her away and walked away from her. The next day I turned my stuff in to her and told her that I had been thinking about what happen the day before and that we needed to talk but not at work. Amanda told me to come to her house that night because Bill would be out bowling. After dinner I told my wife I was going out and would be back around ten she said ok but I knew she was worried. I got to her house at seven and as I walked up to the door she open the door and tells me to come in. I go in and the first thing I notice is that Amanda is wearing a see though gown and she had no panties on. She looked amazing I could feel my dick getting hard so I sat on the couch trying to hide my hard on. Amanda came and set next to me and right away she knew something was on my mind and she asked what was wrong. So I begin to tell her that for some time now she was all I could think about I told her even when I am having sex with my wife I am wishing it was her.

Then I looked Amanda in the eye and told her that I was in love with her then I reached out and pulled her to me and kissed her. We kissed for what seemed hours and as we kissed I slid my hand up her leg and under her gown she spread her legs so I could touch and rub her pussy. I rubbed her pussy until she started moaning then I slid one fingure in her pussy and she moaned load and came on my hand. I fingure fuck her for awhile and she moaned and moved her hips like /crazy/">crazy then she got up and took off her gown then she told me to stand so I did she came over and undressed me. When my pants hit the floor I realized Amanda was standing in front of me wided eye and her mouth open. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes it?s just that she had never seen a dick so big. Now is the time to tell you that I alain lyle porn am hung very well my dick is ten and half inches soft about 14 inches hard and 2 and half inches in girth but anyway I just smiled at her and pulled her to me. Amanda led me to her bedroom and pushed me down on the bed and started sucking on my cock and to my /surprise/">surprise she took it all and it was amazing no one had ever done that before. She suck and licked my dick until I was ready to cum and when I shot my load she sucked it all down her throat and didn?t let a drop fall.

When she was done I put her on the bed and got ready to do something I had wanted to do for awhile I spread her legs and started eating her pussy and it was amazing her taste and smell was so sweet I went crazy. Amanda came time after time then she started begging me to fuck her so I got on top of her and rammed my dick in her she screamed with pleasure. I started fucking her slow then a little faster and she was coming every few pumps then she yelled faster and harder so I did I started pounding her as hard as I could and as fast. We fuck like that for a good hour or so the I picked her up off the bed and with her legs over my arms and my hands on her back I started fucking her again she was going crazy her body shaking all over we both were covered in sweat but we keep on fucking.i was getting ready to cum again and I told her I needed to pull out but she yelled no she wanted me to cum inside her so I did and I guess we fucked for three hours. I put her back on the bed and she turned over and told me to /fucking/ass-fuck/">ass fuck her but to be gentle since I was the first to do that so I took my time and I awhile she was begging for me to go faster and harder.

I cum in her ass then we layed on the bed in each other?s arms I told her I had to go and she started to cry and she told me that she loved me and wanted to be with me and I did to but I had a wife and kids I had to think about. Over the next few months we got together at work and at her house we fucked like a newly married couple but it was great. Amanda and I now live together we both are getting a divorce and she is getting ready to have our first baby. Life is great and I see my other kids every day.