Beckys First Time

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Beckys First Time

My wife Becky and I lead a typical sex life. Weve never really been into swinging or anything of the like. We are very happily married and have been for four years. We are both 28 years old, and have known each other since we were18. We saved our virginities until marriage and have never been with anyone else. We had both dated others before we met, but nothing more than kissing and some innocent feeling around had ever taken place. Needless to say, we both lacked in experience. We are both attractive people and have been propositioned a few times over the years, but we are very happy with each other. Im a tall, slender man, about 62", sexxxx video ful hd 180 lbs. I have short brown hair and am dark complicated. Becky is almost my opposite. She stands about 52" and weighs about 120lbs. She has a soft, sexy, curvaceous body that drives me wild. She has long brown hair that rests upon her perfect 36B breasts. She has an incredible ass; soft, round and sexy, but not too large either, to me its perfect.

Recently, Becky came home unexpectedly early from work and caught me watching a /college/college-girls/">college girls Go /videos/crazy-video/">crazy video. Im not even sure if she knew that I had any porn, so I was expecting her to read me the riot act. She was taken aback at first, but much to my /surprise/">surprise she sat down with me and watched. As we watched, she kept making little wisecracks, but I sensed that deep down she was enjoying it. When one of the longer segments with two girls going at it came on, I expected more snide comments. On the contrary though, she didnt utter a word. In fact, once or twice I noticed her shifting in her seat. I couldnt be sure, but I though to myself, that she was enjoying it. She had never mentioned any interest in either porn or lesbianism before, and I was very surprised by her lack of resistance.

When it was done, I braced for what she would say. "So, I guess you expect sex now, huh? She said jokingly. "You think you can get all worked up watching those hot young girls and use me to get you off, dont you? 

I smiled and responded, "Well, I wouldnt mind it."

Before I could even react, she pounced on me. She went on to give me one of the hottest, wildest fucking wed ever had. There was no foreplay, just hot, animal sex. She usually is very passive, but not this time; she was clearly the aggressor. 

The next day, she surprised me by asking, "Do you have any more of those Videos, or was it just the one."

I felt like a kid that had been caught lying and sheepishly answered, "I have a couple more, why?" In actuality, I had about 15 more, but I didnt want to seem like too much of a pervert.

The surprises kept coming when she asked, "Would you like to watch another one with me?"

"Absolutely," I answered without hesitation.

Again she sat next to me on the couch as we watched the /legs/hot-legs/hot-college-girls/">hot college girls frolicking on the beach, and again she seemed entranced by the lesbian scene. I paid close attention to her this time, and she was clearly excited by it. If youve never seen one of the videos, the lesbian scenes are amazing! Its just a couple of hot; drunken college girls that go back to their hotel room, and get filmed having hot, full contact /lesbian/lesbian-sex/">lesbian sex. Its very hot an uncut and you get to see everything! Its always my favorite part, and apparently it was Beckys also. When the movie was over, we again had amazing sex.

The next night, she wanted to do the same exact thing. We watched the video, and then we had amazing sex.

This continued for four nights. On the fourth night, when we were lying in bed after having sex, I decided to feel her out a little bit.

"You really like watching those videos, dont you?" I asked.

"Well, I know you do, and I just wanted to share it with you; to let you know I dont mind." She answered. I knew she was full of shit, but I decided to let her slide on that one.

"Thanks, I really appreciate that." I replied. "I do like them. I especially like the lesbian scenes."

She didnt answer, so I pried a little harder. "I have to admit, I love watching two girls together."

She just smiled.

"I guess you think thats disgusting, huh?" I prodded deeper.

"What do you mean, why do you say that? She asked.

"Well, girls always say that. They always say its nasty." I responded.

"I wouldnt say its nasty." She answered. "If thats what theyre into, good for them. I dont have a problem with that." She stopped talking, but I could tell she wanted to continue.

"Go ahead." I said. "Dont hold back, what else?"

"I was just going to say that I think its hot too." She answered stunningly. "I mean, I could never do it, but Ive always kind of wondered what it would be like. Is that weird?"

I was blown away. I mean I knew she liked watching it, I could tell from her reaction, or lack thereof, but I couldnt believe she had admitted it. She had never before spoken about sex so frankly. "Really?" I asked. "I never would have thought youd feel that way, but its not weird at all. Obviously a lot of women feel the same way."

She just nodded, so I continued, "Why could you never do it?" I asked. "I mean, you know thats every guys dream!"

She smiled, and shook her head. "Oh, I could never approach a woman. Id be too nervous." She responded. "I mean, how would you even know a womans a lesbian? The only time you can tell is when theyre a butch, and I would never want to be with one of them!"

"Well maybe Ill give Ellen DeGeneres a call." I said jokingly.

"Now theres an idea, I wouldnt mind that." She answered kidding. "Its just a fantasy; Id never act on it."

I was shocked by the conversation I had just had with my innocent wife. She had never before mentioned any fantasy, let alone wanting to be with another woman! Just the fact that she had admitted to it meant that she was very interested in it. I could hardly sleep that night; my mind was racing with images of Becky and another woman. I just had to make it happen! They say that if you set xxx sex video download free com your mind to it, anything is possible, and I had set my mind to making this happen. Lucky me, I knew just the girl.

Sandy was a girl that I work with. Shes a very attractive girl, and I knew that she was bisexual. Sandy is about my wifes height, maybe an inch or so taller and maybe five pounds lighter. She has a tight, athletic body, with /tits/small-tits/">small tits, but wide hips and a /ass/large-ass/">large ass, for a girl her size that is. Shes always got a dark tan, and Ive always found her hot. Shes not a classic beauty, but shes got a /cute/">cute face, and like I said, a great body, to go along with a warm personality. She had always spoken very openly with me, I guess because she knew I was happily married. Sandy never had a problem meeting people, but she never seemed to be in a steady relationship. I found out why one night, when Becky and I bumped into her at a bar. I saw her from behind, and I was sure it was Sandy, but she was in a deep conversation with another woman, the type of conversation that clearly means more than meets the eye. Sure enough, she turned around at one point, and it was Sandy. Becky and I had walked away from her, so I wasnt sure if she had seen us, but soon after she left, and only a few minutes later, her companion left too.

The next morning at work, Sandy seemed very uncomfortable around me. I figured I knew why, but I wasnt sure. Sometime after lunch, she approached me. "Were you and Becky at the Sports Tavern last night?" she asked.

"Yeah, we were, why?" I answered. I couldnt help but let a small smile show.

"Please dont say anything to anybody." She pleaded. "I just dont want everybody gossiping that I was with another girl."

"Dont worry, I wont say a word." I assured her. We always had a good, joking relationship, so I continued. "So when did you join the pink mafia?" I asked.

She laughed out and answered, "No, its not like that. Im not a lesbian, I just like a little bit of everything."

This whole event with Sandy took place about a month ago. I was sure that she was perfect. She had always flirted with me, joking that when Becky realized she was too good for me and left, I should remember her. She also had mentioned more than once how attractive Becky is. Every time theyd been around each other, Sandy was always very complimentary. I had never thought anything of it until she admitted her bisexuality to me.

A few days after Becky and I had had our conversation, Sandy stopped by my desk and asked if Id like to go to lunch. We went to lunch about once every couple of weeks. It meant nothing, and Becky knew about it, it was just two co-workers going to lunch, but today I realized that it was the perfect opportunity to propose my plan to Sandy.

We chitchatted for a few minutes and then I took my shot. Sandys not one to bullshit, and I had often confided in her about Becky and I, so I figured Id just shoot straight.

"Guess what Becky told me the other day." I told her.

"What?" she asked with excited curiosity.

"She said she was curious about being with a woman." I answered.

"Is that right?" she responded, again excitedly. "Howd that come up?"

I relayed the story about watching the videos together and my wifes growing interest in them.