JosThroat Gets Nailed

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JosThroat Gets Nailed

When Sabrina first asked her /friend/best-friend/">best friend JoAnne to move in to live and work with her, she just wanted Jo to take some of her regular clients at least some of the time, to free herself up for new clients. As it was, Sabrina was seeing twelve regulars in the senior’s apartment high rise on Waterloo, seeing most of them twice a week between 10 and midnight every Monday and Thursday. She also was servicing a ten-member hockey team every Wednesday between 10 and midnight. She had about fifteen other regulars scattered through the week, and was seeing about 10-20 per week who had called the cell number she’d listed in the classifieds. 

Money was not an issue. She only charged the seniors $20, because of their fixed income. But she charged the hockey team $500 for the team and she charged everyone else $60-80 per blowjob, depending on how much she wanted repeat business from them. Other working girls she knew charged more, and the Agencies generally charged a lot more, up to $150. But Sabrina felt it was much more fun to be busy than sitting around for hours waiting for work.

JoAnne felt the same way. Jo had been working off and on since she’d turned eighteen, but had been working with Lauren’s Agency for six months. In those six months, she averaged only one or two calls and making $50-100 per sixteen hour shift. She’d taken to actually coming over to Lauren’s place so that she might increase the number of calls Lauren gave her. She and three or four other girls would sit and watch T.V. or doze on the couch. Lauren liked having girls readily available, and she liked seeing what her newer girls were wearing; she insisted they always dress nice; jeans were okay but only if they were clean, nice and new. But still Lauren tended to give most calls to girls who’d been with her the longest.

JoAnne had had one call where the driver took her to an old house to meet a client. It turned out that there was not just one guy there, but five’ all big, black men who were delighted to have this gorgeous little blonde kneel and suck them. Jo was a bit fearful as she kneeled amid the circle of guys, especially when they pulled out their wangs and she saw how huge they all were. But once she got the first cock in her mouth and started sucking it, she started to relax. Soon she was having fun, and made a point of asking Lauren when she got back to Lauren’s place if she could get more calls like that. She took three more calls that night and felt that maybe things were going to get busier and better for herself. But then things died down again, Lauren seemed to forget how eager Jo had been, and Jo found herself waiting endlessly on the couch between calls again.

And so JoAnne jumped when Sabrina asked her to come live and work with her. She’d met Sabrina when the younger girl had herself been working for Lauren. They spent a lot of time waiting together and became very close friends’ there is a certain comradery that tends to form among escorts waiting together for calls to give blowjobs to strange men.

But then Sabrina had struck out on her own and rumor had it she was doing VERY well. Jo had been to Sabrina’s apartment twice since she’d left Lauren’s Agency and Sabrina’s apartment was gorgeous’ a two bedroom luxury apartment on the fifteenth floor, with lots of nice furniture, all the amenities, plus a balcony and a spectacular downtown view. 

’Would you like to live and work with me?’ Sabrina asked her that second visit.
’I’m sure you’ll be MUCH busier than with Lauren.’

Jo was a bit nervous when she found out that most of the clients Sabrina planned to share with her were in their late sixties, seventies and eighties.

’All cocks taste the same,’ Sabrina assured her. ’And they all are VERY nice.’ It wasn’t until later that she told Jo about how some of the seniors often were incontinent of urine during blowjobs. In fact, it was on her first night working the senior’s place with Sabrina, Jo’s mouth was on old, old Mr. Warren’s semi-soft dick and her mouth was rapidly filling up with piss at the time Sabrina told her of this ’little glitch’. She calmly whispered to Jo just to ’keep swallowing, don’t say anything and we’ll talk later.’
Jo obeyed. And in fact, found that it wasn’t that /bad/">bad after all. For some of these old guys, a good long piss was the only ’orgasm’ they could muster, and Jo was happy to just swallow and pretend they’d cum.

That first night at the senior’s apartment had started with a pair of octogenarians, loud, boisterous Burt and quiet polite Frank, whom Jo blew at the same time while Sabrina took pictures with her digital to commemorate the occasion. Like when she’d kneeled to blow the five burly black men, Jo had been nervous peering up from her knees at the ancient faces smiling down at her, and then turning to face the equally ancient cocks waiting to enter her mouth. But she had overcome her fear with encouragement from Sabrina, and also from an old nurse named Bonnie who delivered health care to most of the building’s residents, who had just finished giving Frank a bath and his medicine, and who told Jo ’to relax and just have fun’. 

By the time Jo kneeled to face the music wwwxxx in the fourth of eleven apartments Sabrina had scheduled for her that night, she truly WAS having fun. She was thrilled that she and Sabrina had run into Bonnie later that same evening, and that Bonnie had agreed to stay and watch Jo do a blowjob from start to finish’ she wanted Bonnie to be proud at how hard she was working to please the men in her mouth. 

Jo came to think of Bonnie as another true friend that night. It was Bonnie who asked Sabrina if she’d brought a camera to get pictures of Jo blowing Frank and Burt. At first Jo felt funny having pictures taken of her blowing these two eighty-year old men. But after awhile she was posing proudly for the camera. It was Bonnie who suggested that she, herself take a few pictures of Jo AND Sabrina on their knees blowing Frank and Burt to make a poster to hang in the elevators to drum up more business’ what a great idea! And, best of all, after watching Jo blow old, old Mr. Waddell so lovingly, Bonnie had mentioned Jo to every one of her remaining patients in the wwwxxx the building, and then had waited for Sabrina and Jo in the building lobby until they were leaving to tell them that she had recruited three more clients for Jo to blow that night. After thanking Bonnie, Jo and Sabrina excitedly returned back upstairs for Jo to blow Mr. Sanderson, a widower in his late seventies, Mr. Belton, in his early seventies, and 91 year old Mr. Winthrop. The entire time she had these cocks in her mouth, Jo was thinking how wonderful Bonnie had been, helping her out and making her feel so welcome on her first evening at the senior’s apartments. Blowing Mr. Winthrop was a REAL treat’ he was so nice. And Jo was VERY pleasantly surprised at how much cum Mr. Winthrop shot into her mouth’ it took three swallows to coax it all down her throat.

’Thanks, Bonnie,’ Jo thought to herself.

And so it was that Jo’s first night at the senior’s apartment was a whopping suck-cess. Even at only $20 a pop, Jo made more money than she almost ever did with Lauren. AND she had REALLY enjoyed herself.

Within days, the two girl’s elevator posters were drumming up even more business, and Jo was asking if she could help Sabrina with other clients. It was then that Sabrina thought of her Wednesday night hockey team.

Sabrina had been blowing these same ten to twelve guys every Wednesday for the past five months, always after they’d showered following their one-hour game of pick-up hockey. Through all that time, whatever team had been playing Sabrina’s team also had wanted blowjobs. But Sabrina really did not feel up to giving twenty to twenty-four blowjobs in the two hours they had available before closing, so she had always regretfully said ’No’. But now with JoAnne to help her’

Sabrina’s team called themselves the Warthogs. They had been playing together for several years and even had had team sweaters made with a stylized logo of a Warthog. They were pretty good. And very horny. Fucking /sweet/">sweet Sabrina’s face after every game had become as much a part of their team ritual as beer and Doritos. But, at JoAnne’s insistence, Sabrina decided this week they would get to ream JoAnne’s throat instead of her own, and she would visit the opposing change room to see what she had been missing all those months.

Jo was very excited. Not only was she going to get a good night of work and $500, but she was also going to get to ice skate, something she hadn’t done in years. Sabrina had talked it over with the arena manager, and she and Jo would be able to skate for about 15 minutes while the teams were showering after the game. Sabrina had found white figure skates for each of them. The two girls showed up wearing tight, 5-pocket jeans (Sabrina light blue and Jo dark navy stretch jeans) and tight sweaters (Sabrina pink and JoAnne baby blue) to go with their heels. They were waiting outside the changing rooms before the two teams took to the ice, seated on high stools at little bar tables positioned near the huge glass window overlooking the ice surface. The guys came out of their rooms to see the two gorgeous little asses sitting there (one they recognized and one they didn’t) and every guy had a hard-on heading onto the ice. Sabrina and Jo giggled seeing the guys ogling them as they passed by en route to the ice surface. Not only were the guys ogling the two delectable behinds, but also Jo’s amazingly beautiful face and her long, silky blonde hair. The thought that this /blonde/gorgeous-blonde/">gorgeous blonde soon would have her pretty red lips encircling a roomful of cocks was almost too much for the guys.