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Its funny the things that you remember in life.

First kiss, first love, etc.

For me, the one thing I remember, will always remember is the shouldergasm, as I?ve come to call it. which came
to me by my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Jenny?s father, ( Uncle TT as I have always affectionately called him)

It was a hot summer xxx day, and Jenny had invited me over for a swim and later on a barbecue. 

Jenny, her father and I where making a whirlpool , swimming round and round, the current getting stronger and

I had stopped by the side of the pool to rest for a second and catch my breath, when I felt these bubbles come up
beneath me and tickle my belly. I thought it was that thing in the side of the pool that blows out water, but I was
no where near it.

To my /surprise/">surprise, I felt something pressing against my groin, and an arm wrapping around the back of my knees. 
The next thing I know I?m falling forward, and I?m being lifted up in the air. 

Someone was picking me up over there shoulder. I started to kick earnestly in protest, when the arm that was
wrapped around my knees tightened, and I felt a quick sharp spank on my bottom

?Oh stop your struggling, ? I heard the familiar voice of Jennies father tease.

I huffed in indignation, and started kicking again more vigorously, and that?s when it started.

A delicious warmth began to envelop my nether region, and my clitoris began to buzz and tingle.

Gradually, my legs stopped kicking, and I went limp, giving into the pleasure that was starting to build up inside
me. I closed my eyes, and let out a soft, barely audible moan of pleasure

He started swinging me around, left and right, twirling around in circles. All the time laughing, just really
enjoying the helplessness of my situation.

Every once in a while my /feet/">feet would come in contact with the water. Like a magnet it seemed to draw the heat
down my legs, helping in the build up of the energy that was growing inside me. 

The warmth was spreading down my legs making there way to my toes, while at the same time it moved up my
belly to my chests, slowly working its way down my arms, till it reached my finger tips. I could feel my face
beginning to flush, my cheeks feeling /hot/red-hot/">red hot.

But it was the tingling in my clitoris, that had my full attention. 

And oh did it tingle.

It was growing stronger, and stronger. It felt so good, that tears began to trickle down my cheeks. 

Just then, Uncle TT started racing around the pool, with Jenny, chasing after him giggling, and yelling ?my turn
next, my turn next.?

?Not yet ,? I prayed. ?please dear god not yet.?

As he ran, I happily bounced around on his shoulder. Each little jolt sending a shiver through my entire being.

By then the tingling was becoming unbearable. I was starting to moan uncontrollable. Giving into the pleasure of
it, not caring who heard me.

Suddenly he stopped, and I thought ?oh no, this is it. He?s going to throw me off his shoulder, and its all going to
come to an end.?

But to my delight he didn?t. He shifted direction, and headed towards the ladder.

The tingling in my clitoris was so intense now. I could feel my vagina begin to contract and spasm. My moaning
became more insistent, and my breathing quick and hard.

I pushed up against his back with my hands, and ground my groin into his shoulder, like I was trying to absorb
more and more of this new found pleasure that was coursing through me.

Just as he was getting ready to climb the ladder, he hitched me up higher onto his shoulder, and that did it. That
one little motion, that one little jolt put me over the edge.

It happened so quick and without warning. I let out a loud squeal of delight. An explosion of indescribable
pleasures radiating from out of porn videos download my vagina and clitoris. The shock waves coming one right after the other seemed
to last on and on.

As my orgasm began to subside, little aftershocks shook through me. I just laid there completely limp trying to
catch my breath. An incredibly deep sense of relaxation came over me.

When he reached the top, he walked over to the side of the pool, and very gingerly pulled me off of his shoulder
and cradled me in his arms.

He looked down at me, as I lay there with me head resting against the shoulder with which he had borne me.

?Jeannie, are you OK honey,? he asked with a look of concern in his face.

As I looked at him through the blurred haze of my vision, my face still flush with excitement, all I could do was
smile, and nod my head. I reached up with my left hand, and gave his shoulder an affectionate rub of appreciation.

He smiled back at me, and then he threw me back in.

Years have passed since that wonderful day. Every once in a while I look back on it fondly, remembering every
little detail

Even to this day whenever I see him, or look at a picture, I picture him with his big broad shoulders, and me slung
over them. 

I still get all flushed, and tingly. 

Authors notes:

This story, as I have related it, is based on an actual event in my preteen years. The memory of which has been
ingrained in both my mind and body.

To begin with, I?ve always had a /fetish/">fetish, for lack of a better word, I don?t know what else to call it for seeing /women/">women
carried over the shoulder.

It is partly a control thing, and a pleasure thing I suppose. Control needing no explanation, but the latter does.

When I was younger, and whenever someone carried me over there shoulder, I felt this warmth and intense
tingling in my penis, just as the character Jeannie did.

It all came to a head one day, when we had some family friends over to swim, and the father of my friend out of no
where comes up under me and picks me up over his shoulder. 

I can still hear his laughter ringing in my ear to this day, and I can still feel, if I concentrate hard enough his
shoulder pressed into my penis, and the tingling that resulted.

I could actually feel myself building up, and building up to an orgasm, as it spread through out my body. As he
carried me up the ladder, and to the side of the pool, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to release.

To my great disappointment, he had pulled me off his shoulder before this could happen, and threw me back in the

To this day, I can?t look at him or see a picture of him and his broad shoulders, picturing myself as a young boy
slung over them, coming so close to cumming and have it taken away from me.

Would I have cum? I don?t know. I never did get to find out, even later on in life when someone would carry me
over there shoulder.

I wrote this story from the perspective of a woman, because of how much it turns me on to fantasize (and this has
been my /fantasy/">fantasy for as long as I can remember) that carrying a woman over the shoulder would produce the same
pleasures in her as it did me.

So the question I put to all the ladies out there who come across this story and read it, is this just a fantasy, a
figment of my imagination, or does this happen to women as well

Please respond, I am anxious to hear.